Submitting Music

Our 24 stations play Royalty Free Music (or nature sound tracks) which are Non-P.R.O. (ie Music, composers, creators, producers and musicians who are not registered with any Performing Rights Organisations (PRO) or Collective Management Organisation (CMO). Our agreements are directly with the composer/performers/producers who creates, plays and records their own music and/or the music library which holds the licence with non-PRO composer/creator/musicians.

We welcome submissions by performers (ie musicians) and composers who produce their own work and are keen to have their music played on our stations with an international non-exclusive license agreement for their works. If you wish to submit music you will need to confirm the following:

  1. You are not a member of a Performing Rights Organisations (PRO) or any Collective Management Organisation [CMO].
  2. Your music has not been registered with any CMO.
  3. You are not a member of any Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS)
  4. You are the composer and/or creator of the music or track. You perform and producer your own music.
  5. You are the sole composer, creator and performer involved in the creation of the submitted work. Or if others were involved they are not members on a PRO or CMO.
  6. If you use a Creative Commons Attribution licence it will include commercial use eg 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). However, you realise that a Creative Commons license does not necessarily overide any agreement you may have now or subsequently with a PRO, CMO or MCPS. If you have signed up with such an organisation, generally you have given them the authority to collect fees on all of your music and/or compositions. Even if you play your own music for charity at a public event, the venue will still need a public performance license. Interestingly there was a legal case in which a Spanish Court Recognised CC-Music. The PRO lost the case. Worth reading.
  7. You agree that if you subsequently become a member of a PRO, CMO or MCPS you will notify us before you have signed up. This will give us time to remove your tracks from our station lists.


When we play your music, we agree to include the track title and the composer/or musician’s name in the digital stream, Therefore listeners will see your name and track title when using the Zeno Phone app or webplayers. You will be listed on the Credits, Licensing and Attributions webpage on every radio station website.

To promote your music we will publish a webpage on the main 24/7 Online Radio Group website with information about you, your music and links to your websites and outlets. If provided, we will include your photo. (We may also republish your promotional page on the other station websites too where we play your music.)

If you are unsure about non-PRO music, Shockwave-Sound has an excellent article contrasting General vs Completely Royalty Free Music. Our stations only play Completely Royalty Free music.

If you are interested in submitting your music, then in the first instance, please email the station producer: producer (at)